• Application Development

    In 2008, when the iPhone first comes to Japan
    we were among the first to develop applications for the platform, and won several advertising awards.
    We can handle a wide variety of genres from utilities to campaigns.
    We also deal with a wide variety of platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows 8.
    A proactive approach to new technologies is Razona’s basic attitude.
    Currently we are putting forth our efforts for new User Interfaces (UI) using motion capture technologies such as Kinect and Leap Motion.

  • iBeacon App attendance management
    own project

    It is a time and attendance management system using iBeacon technology.

    Clock-in/Clock-out time are sent to server by smartphone app and the data is managed by a web application.

  • Casa Museum

    This is an application to search museums, provided by “Casa BRUTUS”, a monthly lifestyle magazine for the “livelihood” of people who love architecture, design and art. (http://magazineworld.jp/casabrutus)

    The museums listed in “a Guide for the Best 100 Museums in Japan”, a magazine book specially edited by Casa BRUTUS, are included in the application.

  • @toilet

    We developed this application as a promotion for “STOPPA GERIDOME (relief of diarrhea) EX”, a medicine produced by Lion Corporation. This is an application that gives information about the nearest public toilets and station toilets in detail.

    The 9th Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards (TIAA)Application Section: Mobile Application- Bronze Prize

    The 64th Dentsu Advertising Awards
    Cross Media Section / Mobile Section / and other Sections: Excellence Awards

  • BOSS the 20th Anniversary Special Applications

    These are special applications for the 20th anniversary of “BOSS”, a coffee brand offered by Suntory Beverage & Food Limited. Razona was entrusted with the planning and development of “BOSSNEWS TIMER” and “BOSS Electronic Calculator”.

    BOSS Electronic Calculator
  • McDonalds interactive kiosk

    We developed UI/UX of application to order for a shop.

    Client: McDonald’s Spain, Agency: DDB / Nicemondays

  • MINNA NO DOUBUTSUEN (Zoos for everyone) Windows 8

    This is an application that tells you which zoo you should visit if you want to see particular animals. This application collected the information of 110 zoos and more than 1,400 kinds of animals in Japan.
    Following the iOS version, we developed and released the Windows 8 version.

    It has been registered on the Windows Store.
    (To display and install the application, you need Windows 8 or Windows RT.)

    Here you can find the iPhone version and iPad version.

  • Comme des Garçons BLUE

    We constructed a presentation-application for a vendor.

    Client: PUIG, Agency: Nicemondays

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